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Fashion Import & Travelon enter into long-term distribution agreement for Canada
It’s with great pleasure that we announce effective September 1st, Fashion Import and Travelon have entered into a long term distribution agreement for Canada!

A Message From Don Goodall (Travelon‘s CEO):

Travelon has reacted quickly to the COVID-19 crisis with many specialized products to meet your customers ongoing needs. At Travelon we believe innovation makes a difference and nothing is a substitute for great design. Please take this opportunity to partner with us during this new approach for the Canadian market. For the past 40 years Travelon has been doing business in Canada, we believe with a Canadian warehouse, Canadian dollar pricing and more sales associates we can better meet your needs as we anticipate continued growth in the Canadian market.

Starting September 1st, Fashion Import will be the exclusive Travelon representative in Canada, and over the course of the remainder of 2020 and into early 21 we anticipate having 100% of Travelon SKUs inventoried in Fashion Import’s own warehouses. Until that time, we will continue to supply the Canadian Market by shipping out of our Chicago warehouse as we have in the past.  We’re making these moves to better support our Canadian dealers with better customer service and rapid delivery. Last on behalf of Travelon, we are very excited about the new relationship with the team at Fashion Import and look forward to a very bright future in the Canadian market.

We hope you all continue to travel easier and travel safer with Travelon

All the best,

Don Godshaw
Travelon CEO

Over the course of the next 6 months, Fashion Import will inventory Travelon products in stages with the goal of ultimately having the entire assortment warehoused in Canada. The first group of products on order consists of 4 SKUs in Travelon‘s CLEAN series, a collection of in-demand antibacterial products detailed below. We will also be stocking a select group of Anti-Theft Handbags, both collections will be shipping around October 15th 2020. Please contact your Fashion Import sales rep or Sheila for more details!

Travelon CLEAN Series

As we enter the “New Normal” – you can count on Travelon to have the right products to keep consumers safe on their everyday journey. Start Ship: October 15th 2020
13534-800 – Portable UV Sanitizer Box
Everyone has at least ONE dozen daily-use items that receive high contamination exposure, especially electronics. Daily UV-C germicidal treatment saves time and money – and it is 100% safe to use, even on food!
23537-410 – Antimicrobial On-The-Go Cloth
The Antimicrobial On-The-Go Cloth is designed to move fast – from store shelves onto consumer’s backpacks, jackets, bags and pant loops. The On-The-Go Cloth helps support the everyday journey needs of your consumers.
43538 – Set of 4 Reusable Antimicrobial Pouches

Keeps everyday high-touch, high-contamination items CLEAN!

Millions of pathogens and viruses crawl the surfaces of everyday items. Contaminated surfaces are how unsuspecting people get sick, but YOU don’t have to. Store your high-touch items in these antimicrobial pouches to keep them clean and germ-free.

02091-800 – Hand Soap Sheets
Packing soap for a flight or camping trip has never been easier than with the Travelon hand soap sheets. Each package holds 50 sheets and is so compact and portable it will fit in your pocket. Simply add water and the sheets dissolve into a fresh fragrance hand soap. Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

For more information including catalogs & price lists, please contact your Fashion Import sales rep or email