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Western Canada Wholesale Representatives for:

Fashion Imports

Fashion Import is very proud to carry an extensive selection of brands that appeal to the Canadian customer’s needs. The Company is the exclusive distributor of leading brands in the luggage, handbag and travel accessories categories.

Kanu Imports

Over 27 years, Kanu Imports Inc. has grown from small beginnings in retail to a manufacturer and distributor specializing in a multitude of product lines.

WillLand Outdoors

At WillLand Outdoors we are committed to developing the very best outdoor gear for all Canadians From Sea to Sea.

Rolser Shopping Carts – Made in Spain

Reinvent. Grow. Evolve. Reach the objective and once achieved, start again. That is the philosophy that drives us at ROLSER: Constant innovation, the commitment to design products that grow and evolve to the rhythm of our lives, to the beat of our needs.

Mancini Leather THE PERFECT FUSION OF STYLE & FUNCTION Our fabulous new creations are a beautiful amalgam of contemporary design and real-life practicality. Leather has a tantalizing scent that conveys adventure and elegance, …

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