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At WillLand Outdoors we are committed to developing the very best outdoor gear for all Canadians From Sea to Sea.


We are a company that believes in the combination of QUALITY, DURABILITY, and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. On top of our industry leading NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTEE, we are so determined to keep all of our customers happy that we provide a 100% HAPPINESS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

How do we do this? Well, by designing our own top quality products right here in Canada and having them made to our exacting standards, we can cut out the middleman. So that means you get better quality, but at up to 70% lower prices than you’ll find at our competitors.

All of our products go through highly rigorous testing procedures that ensure their durability to be at the frontier of our industry. We will not be hesitant to stand behind all of our products 100% of the time.

We believe in social responsibility. In fact, we believe in it so much that we trade fairly with all of our suppliers and manufacturers.

Founded and operated by Canadians, we do everything to serve our growing group of WillLanders who like what we have to offer: QUALITY, DURABILITY, and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. We would love it for you to join them.

For details, please visit www.WillLandOutdoors.com .

The WillLand Outdoors Team

WillLand Outdoors

11 Progress Ave. Unit 6
Toronto, ON
M1P 4S7



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