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Founded in 1950, Fashion Import designed and developed a full line of handbags and accessory items under their own brands. Soon after that, they launched their own luggage lines. With the advent of globalization and the limited size of the Canadian market, the company started to distribute US and international brands.  The head office is located in Montreal.

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Fashion Import is very proud to carry an extensive selection of brands that appeal to the Canadian customer’s needs. The Company is the exclusive distributor of leading brands in the luggage, handbag and travel accessories categories.


The handbag lines they distribute include Baggallini travel-oriented functional handbags.  These lines are designed each season to offer the most up-to-date trends in styles, features, and colours.


As for travel accessories, Travelon is one of the market leaders. The product mix includes pillows, locks, adapter plugs, luggage tags, document organisers and other convenience items.


Fashion Import continues to strive for new areas of growth by exploring new distribution channels, product categories and expanding sales.