Understanding TSA Locks

At this year’s LLHA show, some customers expressed confusion regarding new TSA lock regulations in Canada. We met with the CEO of Travel Sentry, the company that set the standards for baggage security locks, in order to get a clear understanding of the situation.

In the past, if Canadian airport security needed to verify a checked bag that had a lock on it, they would do one of three things:

  • Call the customer on the intercom to come open their bag
  • Not allow the locked bag onto the flight
  • Cut off the lock to verify the contents

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) will now be able to open and relock passenger luggage when a physical inspection is required to clear checked baggage. Essentially the system that is used in all airports in the United States is now in use in Canada. CATSA will be able to open and relock bags that are locked with 2 approved lock systems:

1.       Travel Sentry – Basically all locks and fixed TSA locks that are on our products (Lewis N Clark, Antler, etc) are Travel Sentry Approved locks which can be identified by looking for their red diamond logo. This system has been in use for 10+ years and can be found on hundreds of millions of products.

2.       Safe Skies – a newly approved system with their own proprietary keys that can be identified with their flaming torch logo.

Both systems are recognized by Canadian airport security so any passengers using these locks can lock their checked bags without worrying.

There was some confusion regarding whether both systems are accepted or not, and we can confirm that both Travel Sentry and Safe Skies locks are approved. All of our locks are Travel Sentry Approved therefore all retailers currently selling these products need not worry.

I’ve attached an official press release issued by Travel Sentry in case anyone would like more information. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

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Travel Sentry®
Approved locks now recognized and
accepted by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
DURHAM, NH – PR Newswire – April 23, 2014
Travel Sentry, the industry standard baggage security system used by every major lock and luggage brand in the world, today announced that the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) now recognizes and accepts Travel Sentry®
Approved locks for checked baggage security. CATSA will now be able to open and relock passenger luggage that uses Travel Sentry®
Approved locks when a physical inspection is required to clear checked baggage for safe transport.
For over 10 years, Travel Sentry has established and maintained the industry’s worldwide standards that improve baggage security. The Travel Sentry®
Approved locks are easily recognized by the distinctive Travel Sentry Red
Diamond on each lock that signals that the locks can be opened and relocked by security officers, avoiding damage or delay and protecting travelers’ belongings.
“We are proud to announce our agreement with CATSA. Every major Canadian airport now joins every US airport from Guam in the Pacific to the US Virgin Islands, as well as airports in Japan, Europe and Asia,” said Joel Blumenthal, Travel Sentry’s President.
Commenting on the Travel Sentry Program, Cris Smyczek, Master Lock Company’s Product Manager said, “Over the last decade, Travel Sentry has been at the forefront of advancing the travel industry’s worldwide standards that improve travel security. Their geographical presence and market position have witnessed sustained growth and today they have achieved yet another significant milestone.” Travel Sentry licenses its standards to lock and luggage manufacturers and monitors the performance of its licensees to ensure product functionality and quality. There are hundreds of different models and brands of Travel Sentry®
Approved locks available and hundreds of millions of these are already in use and are available in
almost 100 countries world-wide.
“Travel Sentry is recognized globally as an authority in baggage security,” said Michel Farmer, travel accessory buyer at Montréal based BENTLEY. “Our partnership with Travel Sentry has meant we can give our customers
what they want, the ability to lock their bags and secure their personal belongings when they travel. We welcome the acceptance of the Travel Sentry®
Approved locks by CATSA and that this means that air travelers can now
lock their checked bags when travelling from Canada, the USA, and everywhere they travel.”
About Travel Sentry Travel Sentry®
(www.travelsentry.org) is the global standard for Travel Security. Travel Sentry®
Approved locks are officially recognized and accepted by the US Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) www.tsa.gov and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) www.catsa.gc.ca.
Over 500 lock and luggage brands are licensed by Travel Sentry to manufacture, market, and distribute products with Travel Sentry® Approved locks including Master Lock, Bentleys, Samsonite, Rimowa, Tumi, and Delsey. PRESS CONFERENCE/PHOTO/INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: Program spokespeople available to press at the
34th Annual Luggage, Leathergoods, Handbags & Accessories Show (LLHA), Toronto Congress Centre, South Hall D, Monday, April 28th at 10:30 a.m. Please email tammy@llha.ca if you wish to attend.
Media Contact:
Joel Blumenthal
Travel Sentry, Inc.
(202) 558-4130